Welcome to the Heatherlea Five-year Holiday Planner!

Plan all your birding holidays!

Create your personalised Holiday Planner, featuring tours and departure dates from our website. Choose as many as you like, and when satisfied, save your Planner to see all your birding and wildlife holidays during the next five years! When ready, lodge your Planner with Heatherlea, though you don't need to make any commitment at this stage. We will provisionally reserve your place(s), and you can update your Planner by adding and deleting tours at any time, though please remember to update Heatherlea with your new choices! Heatherlea will keep you personally informed about updates to your chosen tours, and you can check all our holiday planner updates on our latest updates page.

A great new way to plan your birding tours!


Let's get started!

  • First, fill in the form below to create your personalised Holiday Planner.
  • Next, roam around our website (by individual pages or you can use the Calendar function) to identify tour(s) of interest.
  • To select a tour, click the link next to the date of any holiday page to add to your Planner.
  • When you first do this, an orange ‘My Holidays’ button will appear at the top of every webpage. Click this at any time to review your Planner. You can add and delete as you please.
  • When ready, complete the ‘Lodge my Planner’ section and send to Heatherlea.

What happens next?

  • We will contact you to confirm receipt, though this does not constitute a booking, and no payment is needed at this stage.
  • We will contact you again when either the holiday is fully subscribed, or exactly twelve months ahead.
  • At this point you can secure your place(s) by paying a deposit, or remain as 'provisional' (though the holiday may fill without further notice).

Example 1: Created by a 'UK Birder' who wants to visit outlying islands.


Example 2: Created by a 'World Birder' who wants to reserve some 'holidays of a lifetime', without obligation.


It's easy to plan all your birding holidays with Heatherlea!


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