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Day Trips

Want to enjoy the wildlife of Scotland, but don't have time for an organised holiday?

Now you can join Heatherlea just for a day (or a few days!), and one of our very experienced and capable guides will take you to see Scottish birds and mammals! Our guides will show you a cross-section of the birds which make Strathspey so special.

You can join a day in our minibus, or hire a guide to travel in your own transport. If you join a day as part of a Heatherlea week, simply turn up dressed for the occasion and we will take you birding. With your own transport, you can agree with your guide to look for specific species or visit particular places. The choice is yours!

Heatherlea have excellent on-the-ground knowledge, and our guides know where birds are likely to be seen depending on progress during the year. Local knowledge is a vital asset, and being part of a team which is birding continuously gives you even more chance of a great day with the birds you specifically want to see. 


Join one of our famous days in the Heatherlea minibus, and we will take you birding. You could enjoy a day locally in forests and by riverside to see Crested Tit, Scottish Crossbill, Osprey and more, or visit the glens to search for Golden Eagle, or visit the underwatched Moray Coast to see rafts of seaduck and divers and grebes. Our itinerary will be set by your guide, who will plan the day as part of a full week's birding itinerary for guests staying on a 4 or 7 day holiday here at the Mountview.

PRICE from £120 per day including packed lunch inc vat.


Set your own agenda! You provide the transport, we provide the guide, you decide what you want to do, and away we go! Your day will depend on the time of year, the prevailing weather conditions, and of course, your own 'wish list'. PRICE from £200 per day inc vat

Please note: Please note we don't accept commissions to twitch 'all the Scottish specialities in a day', nor do we run days with the intention of seeing Capercaillie. In our view, such requests are neither good for the birds nor sensible to attempt. Guidelines for watching Capercaillie have been issued by the Scottish Capercaillie Group, a national body whose members include RSPB Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage, Forestry and Land Scotland, Scottish Forestry, Cairngorms National Park Authority, Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and Scottish Land and Estates. Heatherlea fully supports these guidelines. To read a copy of current advice, please click here.


  • All trips begin and end at The Mountview Hotel, Nethybridge. Heatherlea trips begin at approx 0800 hrs and end approx 1730 hrs, though bespoke trips can of course be tailored to suit your wishes.
  • All trips are available strictly subject to availability. Because Heatherlea guides are so busy with our famous full week holidays, confirmation can only be given one calendar month before any proposed day trip.
  • To book a trip you can use this website to enquire. Before you join us, we advise you speak directly to our office so we can advise you of prevailing weather conditions and what to bring for the day. As a rule of thumb, dress the way you would feel comfortable for a day wildlife watching, and bring binoculars and a telescope if you have one.


Please look around this website to find more about our itinerary for any time of the year. We have a range of holidays which change to suit the seasons, and each offers the best available wildlife watching at that specific time. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ring us on 01479 821248 - we will be delighted to help you!

Enjoy an excellent birding and wildlife holiday with Heatherlea.
Mainland Scotland’s FIRST ‘5-Star Wildlife Experience!’






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